Logo and Illustion Services

If your company's logo is not vector you will occure a lot of additonal charges when attempting to use logo for signage, billboards and various quality print items.

The difference between Vector Graphics and Pixel-based

A vector file will usually have the extension .eps or .ai. Unless you have special software you won’t be able to open this file, however this is the file that your design professional or print vendor needs to ensure the best print quality for jobs. Pixel-based images be saved as a .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png or .psd file. Also, saving a Photoshop file as an .eps file does not make it a vector file.

A vector logo will be the most universally useful to you, your printers and other vendors. When working with a logo designer, be sure that your logo is being created in vector format and make sure you request the final vector files.

What is a vector graphic?

Professional logos are designed in vector-based programs. Vector graphics are made up of points and paths that represent the image on the computer. Pixel based graphics (often called raster or bitmap) are made of individual bits, or pixels that represent the image on the computer.

Vector vs Non-Vector

Vector Graphic vs Non-Vector Graphic


I have been working with One on One Tutoring Service over 3 years building and maintaining their company website along with creating custom advertistments. I have created a new logo One on One Tutoring Services, Tear Off Flyers, Post Card Flyers, Books and Direct Mailers.

// Owner Thaddeus Falana, M.Ed.

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